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Kenya Doing Better Than Expected in Covid-19 – See Statistics

Kenya Doing Better Than Expected in Covid-19 – See Statistics 

Kenya is handling the Covid-19 pandemic better than what the experts expected. This is according to CS Mutahi Kagwe during the national Covid-19 conference at KICC.

We must first appreciate that we have not experienced the apocalyptic projections we had for the disease, We have been saved from what was happening in Europe. We had very little capacity..

Kagwe said that Kenya has built substantial bed capacity, increased health workers among other measures. He also noted that during the pandemic, Kenya managed to increase public ICU beds from 153 to 319.

In the conference it also emerged that Kenya had mobilised over 134 billion shillings to fight the pandemic.

Kenya was able to mobilise a total of Sh134 billion to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, National Treasury PS Julius Muia has said.

Out of this, the PS said Sh82 billion has already been disbursed for immediate needs identified by ministries that are at the forefront in fighting the pandemic.

According to Muia, the unprecedented decline in revenue called for allocation of budget support.

He said said expenditure pressure was caused by floods and locusts infestation which was experienced towards the end of December.

This number is sure to generate interest for Kenyans who believe that there are those who took advantage of the pandemic to make millions in profits. However, the PS disputed this narrative.

 “For us in Treasury, we made sure that we only made money available when there is a convincing case,”

This came right before President Uhuru Kenyatta started the process of reopening the economy after months of strict Covid rules.

“The prohibition against the operation of bars, and the sale of alcoholic drinks by ordinary restaurants and eateries shall stand vacated from the September 29. Mnaweza kukunywa pombe sasa (you can now drink),” Uhuru said.

Uhuru noted that the country’s positivity rate has fallen from 13 per cent in June to seven in August and now stands at 4.4.

Uhuru also announced that church services, weddings and funerals can have a maximum of 200 people, up from 100.

The President, however, said schools will not yet reopen until it is established it’s safe to do so.

The national Covid-19 conference brought stakeholders from various government and private institutions to discuss the effects of the pandemic on Kenya and it’s future.


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