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How Textile Industry can Increase Its Contribution to the GDP 

How Textile Industry can Increase Its Contribution to the GDP  

The textile manufacturing industry has a 6% contribution to the GDP and while this might be a small number, but it is still a contribution to the overall GDP of the Kenyan Economy

The major challenge faced by the textile industry is the high cost of manufacturing compared to the cost of electricity and labor.

One of the key things the government should look into is placing policy that addressed what are the cost of utility and electricity, in order to make the textile sector a profitable niche.

Kenyan has many pockets of informal production housing thousands of traders operating as textile manufactures across the entire country.

One thing that I would recommended is if the Kenyan Government would invent ways include the informal manufacturing clusters into the wider conversation on how they can meet dean of Kenyans produce, as we would see an increase in the overall GDP brought about by supporting the textile manufacturing industry.

There is a tremendous opportunity for the Kenyan government if they supported the local manufacturers. Textile and jewelry manufactures would do much more if I supported them with small loans to buy equipment and training initiatives on how they can improve their productivity. There are a lot of tools and techniques that aren’t explored because textile manufactures create items that are easily replicated across the board.

The report stated that they force the local fashion designers to import textile due to the local production of textile not being able to meet the demand of textile that is there, making it impossible for fashion designers to scale.

It floods the Kenyan market with textile from the imports that are made with second-hand clothes. As a result, fashion designers have to upcycle and recycle materials by using natural device and new techniques where they cut up old fabrics and make something new out of it.

Impact of COVID-19 on fashion industry

COVID-19 has made fashion industry to turn into online platforms, one of the emphasis on the report 

is that there should be a strategy on how the fashion players enter the commerce website and make them more efficient.

Having an ecommerce platform automatically expands the customer base of the fashion industry players.  It is advisable that the best way to increase on the overall GDP is to have an Ecommerce website that allows the textile manufactures to sell their items to the larger market, thus increasing sales and increasing their contribution to GDP.


How Textile Industry can Increase Its Contribution to the GDP 

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