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How COVID-19 Has Changed Tech World

How COVID-19 Has Changed Tech World 

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way most companies do business. It has forced both local and global businesses to adapt to the new normal or forced to shelf their products and brand activities till the covid-19 virus is over worse yet, it has forced some companies to shut down their business for good.

Samsung has changed the way they do business by adapting to the new situations, embracing to engage with the customers on social media, and building eCommerce platforms to sell their products and services.

Charles Kimari who is Samsung East Head of Integrated mobile says that COVID-19 has taught them to do things differently and as a result of quickly adapting to the changes, they have reaped positive returns.

Samsung took the bold step of visualizing the effects of COVID-19 in Africa and the countermeasures they can put in place so that their business is not affected.

Charles Kimari is happy that Samsung Business in East Africa has been in a better position from what was there last year by adapting to the new normal

Turnover for Samsung Devices in 2020

In comparison to the previous year, Samsung did a 1.4 times increase in preorder and purchases on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. At the same time, the other products that they launched this year such as the S20 and Samsung Galaxy A series they have seen an increase in sales of 2.1 percent from what was there the previous year.

Major Challenges 

The major challenge that Samsung had was logistics. Because coronavirus has seen ports being closed, with China being closed, Asian and African ports being closed. The main headache was how to get the products in because Samsung devices are a Net importation product, they are not assembled in East Africa.

Samsung Landscape of Affordable Smart Phone Devices

As a result of the coronavirus, people were forced to remain indoors and self-quarantine, as a result, they found themselves spending more time on their phones than they would normally do.

Since a good part of their time, they would be on their phones, this increased the desire of people getting better smartphone devices. That had an appropriate screen display size and could multitask.

As a result, Charles Kimari says that consumers would upgrade their current smartphones, to get either a more advanced phone on the new models that are released or they simply want tech-savvy devices.

Kenyans working from home have also facilitated, an increase by Kenyans upgrading their smartphone devices. As a result, the demand for new phones has been high forcing smartphone manufacturers to deliver on their end of the bargain by providing consumers with the products they need despite ports being closed down due to the pandemic.

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