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Forbes Lists Kenya as Top 9 Countries Tourism Countries Post Covid-19

Forbes Lists Kenya as Top 9 Countries Tourism Countries Post Covid-19 

The Covid-19 pandemic has killed the tourism industry worldwide. According to the World Tourism Organisation, over 100 to 120 million tourism jobs are at risk in 2020.

Available data points to a double-digit decrease of 22% in Q1 2020, with arrivals in March down by 57%. This translates into a loss of 67 million international arrivals and about USD 80 billion in receipts.

Kenya has not survived this major shakeup in the tourism industry. The government is stuck between a rock and a hard place. When President Uhuru Kenyatta relaxed Covid-19 rules to allow restaurants, bars and hotels to reopen, the Covid-19 cases in Kenya increased exponentially.

Source Aljazeera

The government was forced to introduce restrictive measures to the hospitality industry in Kenya.

Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has extended a nightly curfew and banned alcohol sales in restaurants as part of a bid to halt a steep rise in coronavirus cases.

In a stern televised address to the nation on Monday, Kenyatta said a countrywide curfew from 9pm to 4am will remain in place for another 30 days and that “there shall be no sale of alcoholic beverages or drinks in eateries and restaurants” over the same period.

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Kenya Reopens International Flights

The government of Kenya reopened the skys on the 1st of August. Doing so was part of the process of reopening the economy judicially. It would also help the Tourism sector get back to it’s feet.

(AP Photo/Patrick Ngugi, File)/NAI103/20073325053676/WEDNESDAY, JAN. 29, 2020 FILE PHOTO/2003131024

In late July, Kenyan Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia listed 11 countries that will be allowed to originate internationally, but added this list would be reviewed daily. Of its five neighbors, Nairobi would allow flights from Uganda and Ethiopia, as well as its East African Community partner Rwanda.

The African Report

Kenya is very aggressive in Covid-19 policies. Though it’s hurting the economy the truth is in the numbers. With less than 35k cases as of writing this article, the country has proven that it can handle this crisis.

It is not a surprise that this has not gone unnoticed by the tourism industry worldwide.

Forbes Top 9 Countries for Tourism Post Covid 19

According to Forbes, Kenya is only one of the 9 countries worldwide that are safe for tourism.

Entry requirementsproof of negative test. The test must have been conducted within 96 hours of arrival. Otherwise, Kenya is currently fairly relaxed at the border, and travel around the country is not restricted.

Current COVID-19 trendfairly good. After a spike in July and August, daily case numbers have fallen and deaths remain relatively low. It’s interesting to note that Kenya restarted international flights to and from the country on August 1 and since then case numbers have steadily decreased. Kenya has had 34,493 cases in total.

Forbes Top 9 Tourism Countries

This is the result of the work done by government agencies in Kenya. Covid-19 is not only a serious pandemic but also an issue of perception.

With the Health Ministry under Mutahi Kagwe and the Tourism Ministry working hand in hand, it’s no surprise that the country is listed in this list.

This has been received with great enthusiasm by Kenyans around the world

Though Covid-19 is a strange virus, it is obvious that the Kenyan government has taken a positive balance between ensuring that tourists are safe in the country and the economy.

It can only augur well for the country’s hospitality sector post Covid-19


Forbes Lists Kenya as Top 9 Countries Tourism Countries Post Covid-19

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