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Nivea Manufacturer Invest Sh 32.1 Million in Partnership with Food Banking Network

Nivea Manufacturer Invest Sh 32.1 Million in Partnership with Food Banking Network 

Nivea manufacturer Beiersdorf East Africa plans to invest Ksh. 32.1 million in the next 12 months to respond to the hunger emergency in Kenya during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beiersdorf East Africa has partnered with Global Food Banking Network (GFN) to recover food going to waste by reducing food wastage. We source the food from schools, hotels, farms, well-wishers who have food in surplus.

Mathieu Levasseur, the General Manager, Central, East, and West Africa at Beiersdorf announced that the aim of the partnership is to feed over 100,000 vulnerable members of our community are at risk of malnutrition. They also seek to feed underprivileged women and children, people with disabilities, and refugees.

Levasseur said, “Our funding of Food Banking Kenya serves a strategic purpose linked to the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, which Beiersdorf is active globally. With the disruption this pandemic is causing to the economy, vulnerable members of society are at risk. We are doing this with a view of increasing the capacity of FBK to provide vital hunger relief services. This is an opportunity to create zero-waste solutions for large and small-scale farmers in Kenya.”

COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously affected the economy, causing business to shut down as a result over one million Kenyans lost their jobs.

Nivea manufacturer Beiersdorf East Africa and Food Banking Network Kenya will fund a School Feeding Programme that will serve as an Agriculture Recovery Programme and build the capacity of service delivery to the beneficiaries.

Food Banking Network, Kenya, and Nivea manufacturer plan to increase productivity in service delivery to existing recipients and exponentially grow their service delivery to new areas. As a result, Food Banking Network will create new depots in different locations.

Warau Kahoro, Marketing Director–Central, East, and West Africa at Beiersdorf said,

“Food banks are powerful interventions that change lives and communities. They are an interconnected lifeline to the hungry and equip communities to feed themselves. We as Beiersdorf recognize the importance of strengthening food banks as it fosters resilience and enhances the community’s capability to fight hunger long term,”

Out of the 690 million people that face chronic hunger, women and children are the ones who suffer more especially with the COVID -19 crisis in place.

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