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COVID-19 Regulations Forces PSV to Lose 50Billion in Revenue

COVID-19 Regulations Forces PSV to Lose 50Billion in Revenue 

It’s a fact that the Kenyan government makes rules and laws that only convenient for them. With most Kenyans using public service as a means of transportation.

The matatu operators are not happy with the double standards the government has presented regarding social distancing and COVID-19 regulations in the public transport sector.

They allow airlines and SGR to carry a full load, yet the road public transport operators have to pay attention to the social distancing rule. The COVID-19 regulations force them to carry half of capacity, earning half of the revenue from the service they deliver. As a result of the public service transport lose 15 billion every month.

Matatus Psv

They are forced to operate on specific hours of the day, from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. The public transport sector is at a risk of losing revenue amounting to Sh50 Billion if they continue not working on a 24-hour clock.

They are appealing to the government to normalize public transport operations to match with other industry players in the country.

In Kenya, we have over 60,000 buses and matatus that operate countrywide, each earning an average of Ksh. 15,000 daily when operating on full capacity. This means that the gross earning by the matatu industry is 1.05 billion daily. In a month they cash in more than Sh. 30 billion when business is normal.

With COVID-19 regulations, half of the matatus are forced not to operate, causing them to lose 525 million daily, in a month the industry loses Sh. 25 billion.

Because PSV plays a huge role in moving a good number of Kenyans from one destination to the next, it should allow them to operate fully if they will maintain a high standard of operations to prevent the widespread of COVID-19.

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